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""10 Best Apps for Foodies""


""Shines in quality, functionality, and usability…Dorie Greenspan is as expert a teacher as she is a baker. Gorgeous … could leave you drooling on your iPad.” (4.5 out of 5 Stars)


""A Great App for Bakers""


""These are more than recipes. Rather, they're baking tutorials seen through the lens of a particular dish.”


“We’re over the moon for this…it’s so much more than just an app—think of it as an open invitation to bake with the delightful Dorie right there at your side to guide you.”


“The videos are where the app really shines, because of Dorie herself. She speaks in that, well, charming voice of hers, and it’s all so laid-back, approachable and, of course, useful.”



Baking with Dorie is a fun, one-on-one baking course with America’s best-loved baker, Dorie Greenspan. The New York Times called her “a culinary guru.” But to millions of home cooks, Dorie is something more: a good friend in the kitchen. She has a knack for making every recipe disarmingly simple, as she did for Julia Child in the best-selling Baking with Julia, for the celebrated pastry chef Pierre Herme, and in her own IACP and James Beard award-winning cookbooks.

Now, Dorie brings three decades of experience into your home, sharing the secrets she learned in the kitchens of the world’s great chefs. Whether you’re a seasoned baker or just getting started, you can elevate your baking skills and have a great time Baking with Dorie in your kitchen.

Baking with Dorie brings big-screen quality to your iPad. More than 100 HD videos created just for this app blend an entertaining baking lesson into each and every recipe. Dorie is right there with you, guiding you every step of the way, through more than twenty of her favorite recipes from her James Beard award-winning cookbook, BAKING: From My Home to Yours.

Baking with Dorie is four apps in one, combining the best elements of a well-produced cooking show, a hands-on baking class, and a top-quality cookbook. Choose the view that best fits your own personal cooking style. Techies call it next-generation. You’ll call it your favorite app.

Baking with Dorie lets you:

CHOOSE the view that best fits your style and expertise:

• Cookbook – like a traditional cookbook, but with all the multimedia enhancements

• Step-by-Step – a guided walk through the recipe with video instruction each step of the way

• SpinView – a video carousel where you can set your own pace and skip steps when you’re ready

ENJOY big screen production quality on your iPad. Emmy and James Beard award-winning producer Geoffrey Drummond brings his talents to the small screen with more than 100 high definition videos of Dorie in action. She’s right there with you in your kitchen, guiding you every step of the way.

LEARN to bake like a pro. Each recipe is a complete cooking lesson. Dorie shows you the essential baking techniques that will help you raise your skills to the next level — at your own place and pace — and at a fraction of the cost of a baking class.

TRACK your progress with timers and step-tracking in each view.

SHOP in a jiffy with the list you create using the app.

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  • Only professional recipes
  • Only natural ingredients
  • Hi-tech interface
  • Only pennies per megabyte!
  • Tastes Great!


  • iPad with OS 4.2 or higher




Another Prize: Baking with Dorie hits the list of The Best of The Best

A remarkable testimonial is added to the recognition list of Baking with Dorie: the 20 years anniversary of the Gourmand Awards at Frankfurt Book Fair granted the app with The Best of The Best status!

Download the award-winning application for free and bake with the world-famous Dorie Greenspan!

Baking with Dorie Wins Best of the World Award

The Gourmand Awards are judged by culinary arts professionals from around the world. Over 150 countries had entries for this year’s competition. And the award for best culinary app in the world goes to... Baking with Dorie!

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